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Missing Piece aims to help your team transform workplace culture, develop leadership skills, strengthen team empowerment, improve motivation, and increase productivity.

Let Missing Piece guide you on your team building adventure.

Whether you are a large corporate business or a high school athletic team you need the right tools for a successful team dynamic. It can be difficult to drive change, foster trust, and help leaders emerge successfully. Luckily, Missing Piece has the tools you need.

For Companies

Adult Programs

Create an environment centered around actively engaged individuals that exceed expectations. Our adult programs are ideal for businesses of all sizes and leadership teams looking to equip their employees with the tools for success.


For Teens

Student Programs

In any organization, cultivating the right dynamic fosters trust, creates engagement, and dramatically increases team speed and success. Perfect for athletic teams, church groups, and social clubs.


Helping teams create trust and build the dialog to become more efficient and increase productivity.

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